Heavy Duty Towing / Medium Duty Towing Service in Tucson

There is a wide range of towing services offered in Tucson and surrounding areas. Some companies offer roadside assistance and some specialize in heavy-duty towing like Jeff’s Towing Tucson. Jeff’s offers specialized service when it comes to tow trucks and wreckers. They can provide heavy-duty towing for anything from small cars,  SUVs, and trucks to even motorhomes, busses, and large equipment like tractors and bulldozers!

Heavy Duty Towing is often required by the state of Arizona after a car accident or vehicle breakdown on the freeways. It may be necessary for you to have someone come out if your car overheats on the side of the freeway or if your car breaks down on the side of the road. If you’re in this situation it is important to find a wrecker service that is dependable and affordable. Jeff’s Towing Tucson has years of experience towing cars, trucks, RVs, Semi-Trucks, and more around Tucson and surrounding areas.

The heavy-duty wreckers at Jeff’s Towing Tucson are equipped with all the necessary tools for safe towing. They can lift up your vehicle with their bed-mounted winches if they need to remove stuck vehicles or move them into tight spots like car lots or garages. The local wreckers will also provide roadside assistance services which can include jump starts if your battery dies, flat tire replacement, and fuel delivery if you run out of gas. They even offer to tow for other large vehicles like RVs and busses!

It is important when you call Jeff’s Towing Tucson that you need a quote over the phone. The best way to get an accurate price for your needs is by calling and having them come out and inspect the damage and scope of work necessary. That way there are no surprises when you get your final bill, and it will help keep any misunderstandings from happening. Jeff’s offers their own tow trucks which can accommodate just about anything, so they’ll be able to handle all kinds of heavy-duty wrecker services in Tucson AZ.

Our professionals here at Jeff’s Towing Tucson are ready to tow any large vehicles you might have. When looking for the best heavy-duty towing company, look no further than the team here at Jeff’s Tucson Towing. We look forward to working to get your large vehicle to where it needs to be.


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